am i eating just plain ol grilled onions???


welcome to the church of wad. wad bless u all for logging on this fine morning. go out and uphold meme thought. tell the world of ur wad and show them wads commitment to a better world (communism)

i have an odd shaped body and love handles that stick out all weird and my belly button looks silly and i always have a red line going across my stomach from where i slouch

im going to tannehill trade days in like 20 minutes and ya 

Mila Kunis in Seventeen Magazine, 1999
fun fact about me, i was in pageants until i was 12

i had the wildest dream and im v confused bc it felt so real 

i think i might take a nap 


*skypes u but doesn’t talk bc i dont want my family hearing*

(via dutchster)


i luv brit spears so much !

she is so pretty i wanna kiss her

It smells like ketchup outside

i hate my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!